Top Things To Do in Italy You Should Know

Top Things To Do in Italy You Should Know

Italy is one of the countries with the most famous tourist attractions in the world. You can participate in an interesting experience activity here, especially with the locals, which will definitely add more meaning to the trip. Plan your trip with our list of the top things to do in Italy in this article.

Top things to do in Italy you should know

Glide through Venice in a Gondola

One of the top things to do in Italy is to sit on a Gondola and float along the picturesque Venice canals. Finding a gondola is easy. They gather along the Grand Canal next to the Doge’s Palace and at the Rialto Bridge, and you’ll see them wearing striped shirts and straw hats on bridges and canals as you explore the city. Agree on the price you will pay and agree on the route before getting on the boat. The choice of route and time of day depends on your personal preferences and where your trip begins. After dark, the lights from the palaces and restaurants by the Grand Canal reflect and sparkle on the water creating a romantic scene.

Glide through Venice in a Gondola

Try to make Pasta in Florence

Anyone who loves Italy knows that Pasta is a traditional and representative dish of this country’s cuisine. Pasta and other cooking classes are offered all over Italy, but Florence has some of these classes, often combined with a tour of the markets and grocery stores with a food-savvy local. You will learn with a local family, cook a full meal and enjoy it together. Guaranteed by the end of the course, you will know the secrets of making the perfect pasta as well as how to prepare it.

Try to make Pasta in Florence

See an Opera at Verona’s Roman Arena

Even if you’re not a fan of music or opera, visit the third-century Colosseum in Verona and you’ll be mesmerized by this massively produced spectacle. The arena itself is one of the largest and best-preserved Roman amphitheaters, with all its domes and 44 rows of seats intact to accommodate 22,000 opera spectators.

The Verona Opera Festival, held annually in July and August, is one of Europe’s most important summer music events, ranked on par with the Salzburg and Bayreuth festivals. The combination of dark arenas, massive stages capable of recreating entire street scenes and multi-story buildings at once, and some of the world’s top singers and musicians under a sky full of stars is a rare experience in life that you should not miss.

 Attend a Local Festival

Everyone has heard of Venice’s famous carnival, but it’s just one of the hundreds that Italians celebrate each year. If you have a chance, don’t miss the celebrations held by the locals here. There may not be world-famous entertainers, but there will be great food, singing, music, fun contests and a few surprises. Above all, it is an opportunity to mingle and share a day or evening with the residents, who will do their best to welcome you and ensure you have a good time.

Visit Ancient Rome

In Rome, there are many ancient places to visit, and a trip to one of these can take you deeper into history and better understanding. The best place for this is the Colosseum, where visitors can take in-depth tours. There will be a knowledgeable guide explaining the labyrinth of tunnels, passages, and cells deep beneath the arena floor, amusing Roman spectators with the performances. You will see the hypogeum- this is where lions, leopards, bears and elephants are used in battle or circus before they are lifted to the arena floor on pulleys pushed by slaves.

Visit Ancient Rome

Sight-seeing Lake Como by boat

The most beautiful lake in Italy’s Lake District, Como is surrounded by steep mountain slopes covered with lush greenery and dotted with compact towns and palatial villas. Since Roman times, it has attracted royalty and aristocrats to visit this beautiful coastline. A tour of the lake aboard steamboats that act as passenger ferries between towns, as you pass by the gorgeous villas and manicured gardens that surround them, is definitely one of the best things to do in Italy. Some of the villas and gardens are open to visitors, and you can get off to explore these villas and gardens, then board a boat later to continue.

things to do in italy

Ski the Dolomites

Whether it’s a day on sunny beginner slopes or a full-day excursion that includes 35 kilometers of challenging trails, every ski enthusiast should experience the Dolomites. It has more than a dozen peaks over 3,048 meters high with more than 1200km of ski runs. Many areas are connected by trails and lifts, and a single Dolomiti Superski ticket grants lift and trail access in all 12 zones. The largest resort town is Cortina d’Ampezzo, the site of the 1956 Winter Olympics and famous for its long walks from the snowfields near the summit to the town below.


To sum up, that is a summary of 7 things to do in Italy that if you have the opportunity to visit, you should not miss it. I am sure these experiences will bring you unforgettable memories of a beautiful ancient western country but also very enchanting. Wish you have a memorable trip.

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